These letters are from patients of
Acupuncture & Herbs Brighton.


The originals are held on file in our office.


I have had strange pains around both of my eyes. The symptoms could stay for a whole day. I could not focus on things when the pain attacked. Irregular periods with tummy-ache has been another problem with me. I usually take pain killers for two days to ease the pain during the course of period. My boyfriend works on Brighton Pier he recommended me to go to Acupuncture & Herbs Centre at 122 St. James’s Street. Initially I was scared of the needles. I had four sessions of acupuncture and a few weeks of Chinese Herbal Medicine and thereafter my eye pain disappeared and no pain killer needed during my period. My life is much improved now and I will certainly recommend you to everyone.

Ms A S



As you know, I had psoriasis on my scalp for more than ten years which would not go away d espite use of creams from the chemist. Since using Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Liquid from you over a period of time, it has been cured and I have been free of this condition now for three years.
My frozen shoulder which has afflicted me on and off for many years has been cured following a course of acupuncture. I have not had a recurrence of this complaint. I am really grateful to you.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone especially those who suffer from either of these conditions.

Mr T P



I first began having treatment for menopause symptoms last year, at Acupuncture and Herbs in 122 St James's Street in Brighton. After a course of 6 acupuncture sessions and Chinese medicines in pill form, the symptoms (hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings) went away and did not return until a few months ago. I have just completed a second course of 6 sessions and again the symptoms have disappeared. This time I am continuing to take a 'maintenance dose' of the medicines.
This is a very effective way of managing this uncomfortable time of life and it has allowed me to continue to give presentations at work and enjoy a good night's sleep without breaking out into sweats!
It is much preferable to going down the HRT route as that just delays it happening - and it's got to happen sometime!
I would recommend this to any woman who is looking for a supportive treatment to help her to be at her best even when her body is going through these huge changes.